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The A2 and A12 motorways provide easy access to the airport, as they link the surrounding area with the E1 airport access road.

Motorists leaving the airport in a rental car should head to the Avenida Cicade do Porto and from take the Rotunda do Aeroporto to reach the Avenia do Brasil, which in turn leads to the city centre and, naturally, the same route applied on the return journey in reverse order.

Long and short-term parking at Lisbon Airport is available from as little as EUR 5.00 per day. Car parking spaces can be reserved in advance via the airport’s official car park operators at, where a useful calculator provides quotes for the anticipated cost of parking during the required period.

From low-cost to premium parking with valet services, Lisbon Airport parking offers choices for every requirement and budget. Low cost parking is handled at P5, an open air car parking facilities located within an 8 minute walk or a ten minute ride by free shuttle service from the terminals. The lowest parking fees are achieved by booking online, as these are exclusive to P5 parking.

Located within a 5 minute walk or 10 minute shuttle ride is Parking facility P3, where low cost plus type parking is available in an open air parking facility suitable for both long and short-term parking at Lisbon Airport. Again, this parking facility must be booked online for the best prices.

Classic parking at P3 could be described as anything up to 4 days. This is still uncovered parking, but it is in reserved places. Executive Lisbon Airport parking is handled in a covered parking facility at P2, located within direct access of the arrivals halls of the terminals, which can be reached in a 3 minute walk.

For departures in a hurry there is P1, the parking facility closest to Terminal 2 departures. It takes just 2 minutes to walk from the covered parking lot to the departures hall. P1 handles premium parking and is therefore, along with Executive parking at P2, the most expensive option for Lisbon Airport parking.

Parking for five whole days in the P1 Premium parking facility would cost EUR 215.75, but this is already reduced drastically by switching to Lisboa Airport parking at P2, the Executive parking lot, where five days cost just EUR 92.00. In the Classic parking lot at P3 the same five days reduce down to EUR 70.00, while at P3’s Low Cost Plus parking lot the price for five days’ parking is just EUR 35.00.

Cheapest of all is P5 Low Cost Parking, where the duration of five days’ parking is charged at just EUR 25.00.

The free shuttle buses leave the terminals at 15 minute intervals throughout the day. P5 is located closest to Terminal 2, the departure terminal, while P1 is roughly in the middle of the two terminal buildings and P1 and P2 are adjacent on either side of Terminal 1, the main arrivals terminal. P3 is located closer to Terminal 1.

A BP petrol station is located en route to the exit round-about. None of the car parking facilities are suited for vehicles taller than 1.90 meters, meaning that neither trailers nor truck are permitted to park in them.

It is permitted to stop very briefly in front of the terminals for drop-off and pick-up of passengers, but this is strictly monitored and anyone exceeding the maximum of 10 waiting time outside the terminals risks being fined.

Motorcyclists and owners of scooters can find Lisbon Airport parking at P3, which offers a designated area for smaller vehicles and has its own east-entrance for this part of the parking lot.

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